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Promoting Kenyan arts & crafts

Products made only in Kenya

Sourced directly from craftsmen

Look for the “Handcrafted” sign

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About Us

T shirtsClay Ventures or CL, as it is now fondly known, opened its doors in 2014. Conceived by a couple of interior décor designers and furniture makers, CL sought to fill a rise in demand for African contemporary handcrafted products among the middle class populations in developed and developing economies. CL began by looking at few traditional Kenyan pottery, weaving and curved art ranging from baskets, pots, flower vases, utensils, abstract carvings from wood and soapstone from across Kenya sourcing from different cultures. The idea was to educate the artisans on how to improve on their designs and capture the new changing needs of emerging customers.
CL has been keen in developing an export market for its craftspeople by travelling to different parts of the world showcasing the beauty of African pottery and carving among other arts Africa has to offer to the modern world. CL has now expanded in many other products that one would need for their homes and offices made from clay, soapstone, wood, glass, leather and fabric.
One of our goals at CL today is to encourage and educate young people to support Kenyan arts and crafts. A way in which we see to do this is by setting aside a space within CL as a craft gallery where we can hold talks, have artisans demonstrate their skills and help designers to showcase their products. With this we hope to spread awareness about the rich cultural heritage that exists in our country

The CL Way

1. Promoting Kenyan arts & crafts since 2014

2. Products designed & made exclusively in Kenya

3. Sourced directly from artists & craftsmen

4. Look for the “Handcrafted” sign when you shop

Our Values

  • Fair Trade: We are committed to the principles of fair trade right from our buying partners to our local artisans. We acknowledge the interests of each stakeholder in the sector and uphold respect and dignity to all

  • African: We pride ourselves for being African. This is what we are and we are sharing it with the world

  • Practical: We protect the traditional African ways of creating art and as we introduce technology we ensure that the concepts are retained and protected

  • Relevance: We ensure African arts remain relevant in the modern world by ensuring continuous improvement in design and product development through research and practice

Contacts Us

Clay Ventures Ltd
Bruce Hse, 8th Flr, Standard St
P.O Box 15376 00100
Address: Mobile No. : +254 0723140471